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How will Guideloom Help Grow my business?

Guideloom will offer your business an online presence, which will give you exposure to anyone else who is working within our network. With nation wide users, your business will have nation wide access to new customers

What makes Guideloom Different?

Guideloom has embraced social responsibility as a core component of the business we do. This allows Guideloom to work with ever growing community of individuals who choose to make a difference in other peoples lives. Guideloom, unlikeĀ other service apps like Just Eat or Skip the Dishes, offer more than just an online directory for merchants who are willing to pay for the listing,

Think about it this way, if you could choose to buy a coffee that will donate to a charity on your behalf, wouldn’t you?

Why should I use Guideloom?
If you had the choice to use an app that could help save the world, or an app that couldn’t, which would you choose? GuideLoom is constantly working towards helping people in need even if it means getting there one small step at a time.
Where is Guideloom Available?
Guideloom can be set up anywhere in the world so we are available everywhere. Set up is super easy!
Where Can I Sign Up as a Merchant?

Click Here to head over to the sign up page

Where Can I Register to be a User?

Click Here to go to the User registration page

How Much will Guideloom Contribute to Charities?

The initial contribution will be 5% from our top line revenues. As Guideloom becomes more popular and our number of users increase, the percentage of which we donate will increase.,